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Pssst. Can I open up to you for a sec? The above photo was taken on my birthday, a couple weeks ago (June 2nd = Gemini, baby!). That journal in my lap had yet to be written in… Two weeks later, I’m only a few pages in, but I know a year from now what I hope to read back: pages of purpose, gratitude & peace – no matter what circumstances I will have found myself in.af08567a193e1bc558684d7258ae450c

If you could look back on pages that reflected the last year of your emotions – what would be written? Inked reminders of fear? Insecurity? Rejection? Mediocrity? Resentment? You’re not in control of the people or places around you – but you are in control of how you let them make you feel. Β Choose love. Choose happiness. Choose dignity. Choose to see the best in even the worst of things.

Choose peace of mind. Choose yourself!

I’ve found that the more you choose those things, the more they choose you back.

Don’t let the world dictate how you feel. Armor yourself in what you’ve decided to feel, and go out into the world.

There’s so much power in that! I’d love nothing more than for you to steal that page outta my book. More power to ya. πŸ˜‰β€οΈπŸ—

What’s the #1Β thing you want to feel more of this year??

Tell me in a comment below – I can’t wait to have more conversations with you all!

xx, Z