Whoever coined the phrase “breakfast of champions” obviously has never ridden with me on the way to work. Balancing a bowl of cereal while trying to drive with one knee is not easy, nor recommended. Only then to be followed by the pangs of hunger stabbing at my insides as I finally arrive at the office. Throw in dropping off a kid or two, who also require a morning feeding, and the aggravation of morning quickly minimizes the need for breakfast to be little more than a relaxing glass of wine

Whoops! We are talking about morning, aren’t we?


…and the aggravation of morning quickly minimizes the need for breakfast to be little more than a relaxing cup of coffee.

The reality quickly settled in that me and this “breakfast of champions” fantasy I wanted so badly wasn’t working out. Lying in bed one night, because like most people I do my best thinking when I really need to be going to sleep, I happened upon one of my best ideas ever. Starting the next week, I would be retiring as the Hindi knee driving champion—here, I would like to give a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of my gesturing middle-fingered fans—and switching to a better breakfast routine!


Focusing on staying permanently retired, I knew my new-and-improved breakfast needed to have a snazzy snap and sizzle to it. Breakfast would follow the simple rule of the SNAP-E! (Yes, I agree that the ‘E’ is a little vain, but hey, aren’t we all?) Breakfast was now about satietynutritionaffordabilityportability AND remaining easy!

Satiety, because it should be a mortal sin to eat and still be hungry; nutritious, because it is about eating the right foods to fuel the body; affordable, because wine and cute shoes are NOT to be negotiated; portable, because breakfast should be pocket-sized or served on skewers; and easy, because we all need that one thing we can achieve without great effort!

The real reason for breakfast is to fuel your body for whatever activity comes your way. The right amount of protein, carbs, and fat, AKA macronutrients, from whole foods don’t just get you outside the breakfast box, they smash the dang box! Skip the sugary cereals, buttery breads, and processed meats that feed your face and not your body! Make breakfast the best part of your day with some of my favorite fuel combinations! Don’t forget to cut your portions into mouth-sized pieces along with toothpicks for skewers and divided plates or bowls for portability.

And of course, keep your knee off the wheel. Your mother will thank you!


NoteCalorie combinations may differ slightly based on brand used


  • If you have a nut allergy or want a few more choices, foods like salmon, avocado, olive oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, olives, hummus and tahini are great examples of healthy fat substitutions.
  • For vegetarians and vegans, or anyone looking for more plant-based protein suggestions, foods like tofu, black beans, tempeh, edamame, spinach and green peas are my favorite choices for their protein content and tastiness.
  • Fage, or any equivalent brand Greek yogurt, is what I recommend. Focus on the protein and sugar content when comparing to an alternative. Fage slays the competition with its protein content! One cup, or individual container, ranges from 18-24 grams of protein.
  • Not a fan of Greek yogurt? I get it! Not everyone likes the creamy, thick texture. Choose a plain yogurt that is low in calories (120 or less), fat (4g or less) and sugar (less than 20g).


Erika D. White is a fitness professional focused on shaking things up and promoting change by motivating others to run with life, while remaining dedicated to faith, family, friends and fitness. Follow her on Instagram (@fitzonebyerika)